DPP Merchandise
Soon to come:

   DPP T-Shirts:          GTE Mockup logo on front, and letter of
                          some sort or another on the back!

   Dissident T-shirts:    Designs in early stages.. If you have any
                          ideas, send them on over.  I'm looking at
                          Ebola logo on front, and Metallic/Silver
                          lettering on back.  I really would like
                          to keep the price < $16(US).

   RBOC Logo Shirts:      From Thinktank, T-shirts with a variety
                          of RBOC (and some large CLEC) logo'd shirts.
                          Great for when you are doing something, or
                          when your in your 13th our of IRC.

   DPP Stickers:          Blue on White, they're perfect for putting
                          on the side of your hard hat, your computer
                          or your cat!